There is a part of us that is wise and loving. Sometimes we can live from there, a place of creativity and of great resilience. This place is a source of strength, love, and support for others in our lives. Sometimes we live from a place that is fearful, resentful, weak, reactive, and full of faulty thoughts that impair our freedom and responsiveness to life. At those latter times we may begin to think that that limited place is who we are and that the loving self is almost unreachable.

Ahamsa is a process that teaches us how to stand in our Loving Self. Standing there we heal our reactive selves and clear those faulty thoughts that distort our lives. The whole process is based on love. We use love to heal and to restore our Center.

The therapist, and the client with the guidance of the therapist, both go into a relaxed meditation and raise themselves up and each stand in their own wise and Loving Self, and the Light of their own Wisdom. From this place both can access deeper and higher parts of themselves than are commonly available in the normal state. Reactive emotional selves and faulty thought forms and their sources are brought forth and healed with the power of love and understanding. The auric field is cleansed as negative thoughts and feelings are energetically removed after they have been dealt with. The process is relatively quick and efficient. There a number of set processes of 1-4 sessions each. Each process deals with a particular key focus.

Ahamsa does require that the client is ready to assume responsibility for their lives, to begin to accept the possibility that we create our lives and our experience and that the power to change lies within us. It requires that the client is willing to forgive or at least consider forgiving both themselves and the people in their lives, past and present.

Ahamsa opens the heart, allowing new depths of love for others and for oneself; giving freedom and hope and a new life of living, not from fear and limitation, but from love and wisdom.

Ahamsa is true spiritual alchemy.

Practitioner –
Jim Gates