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Connecting with Nature Workshop
- Becoming a Child of the Earth

Would you like a relationship that is always nurturing, fulfilling, and dependable?

Would you like to explore an arena that has endless challenge, is profound, full
of wonder and awe, and touches you to your core?

We will learn about being in and part of Nature. We will talk about basic survival skills. We investigate how the “First People” or “Native People” related to Mother Earth and the life around them. We will include meditative awareness techniques to try and step into a personal relationship to the natural world that that human beings have experienced for untold thousands of years, yet which has faded out for most of us in this technological society.

It is my hope and intention that you will leave with a profound and wonderful connection to the natural world beyond anything you thought possible.

Jim Gates, the facilitator, has studied with Tom Brown, Jr. “The Tracker”, who was trained from childhood by an Apache Scout and Shaman; and Jon Young, founder of Wilderness Awareness School for over 15 yrs. He also teaches Zen Meditation, is an advanced practitioner of Cranial Sacral Therapy, and a Certified Advanced Rolfer® .

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, NY (East of Katonah)
Oct 18, Sunday 

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM
Cost: $100 Additionally, there maybe a $4 or $8 fee per car to enter the park.

Bring your own lunch and water

Class size is limited. Enroll early to assure a place.

ExternalLink Click Here to register, or for more info, please call 845 536-1234 or send an email.